Establishing an Innovative Ethical AI Market through Advanced Content Detection Technology
We create products using our technology to detect commercial use of your content by AI services, aiming to establish a new market where AI companies operate ethically
  • 571
    AI leveraging
    your content for
    training its models
  • 2.5B $
    Money earned by
    AI services using your
    copyrighted content
  • 12531
    We found copyrighted content used by
    AI services
  • 23
    People whose content is used by AI services, who
    have come to us for
We create products for diversity, fair pay, legal compliance and accessibility
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Сurrently, generative models are surpassed in quality by human professionals. However, with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, this gap will narrow, leading to ..
A robot specialized in exploring AI products to identify media companies content.
AI systems learning from corporate content can profit from your materials, and unregulated AI-generated content poses risks that can seriously harm corporate reputations.
Media companies aiming to control and protect their content from unauthorized use in artificial intelligence training, with the goal of preventing potential reputational risks
With our technology, we are creating a new environment where AI and corporations can coexist and benefit each other.
AI based on innovation and ethics to drive progress in the industry and benefit humanity.
AI services use content for training, it challenging for authors to protect their work and succeed in lawsuits, as they often lack evidence to earn compensation.
Users aiming to safeguard their copyrighted materials from being used in artificial intelligence training without their knowledge
We put users in control of their content by providing transparency into machine learning and subsequent royalty payments.

Connecting with AI models to permanently resolve copyright issues by identifying author content.
  • Problem
    AI services are not interested in solving the issue of authorship; they are focused on advancing their technology
  • Audience
    AI models, trained on copyrighted content, that aim to expand globally and are interested in achieving a balance between human and machine.
  • Solution
    We aim to propose the implementation of Dataxide technology to AI services, offering them a Label as a sign of respect for content creators and fair play.
Meet Our Team
Proven track record and vision to succeed
  • Eugene Valuev
    - Founder & CEO at Ultralab
    - Entrepreneur since 2015

  • Aleksei Minchuk
    - CEO Fasol.App, securing 2 investment rounds
    - Master degree in International Business

  • Alexey Sokolsky
    - CTO Banuba
    - Computer science MS degree